We’ll be announcing our speakers soon, but we’re always interested in hearing about people with great stories. This could be you, or could be someone you’ve heard about.

You can use the form below to suggest yourself or someone else.

We’re keen that Podcast Day 24 represents the broad selection of people in the podcast sector, and from the different places the conference will broadcast from.

If you’re thinking about suggesting someone from your company have a think about suggesting diverse voices that perhaps we don’t usually hear from, but have great stories to tell. We’d like to hear from the most diverse range of speakers possible representing all genders, ethnic groups, countries and regions.

If you’re going to suggest yourself, and you’re part of a majority, there’s nothing wrong with that, but can we suggest that you also suggest someone great who is different from you as well. It’s much easier for some groups to volunteer to speak than others, so if that’s you, help someone else too.

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