Laura Byrne

Host, Life Uncut

Laura Byrne is the Founder and Creative Director of one of Australia’s leading bohemian jewellery lines ToniMay, which was launched in 2010. ToniMay is stocked in over 50 retail stores across Australia, with a boutique flagship store in Paddington Sydney and is beloved for its unique designs, semi-precious gemstones and unquestionable ToniMay Aesthetic. In 2019 Laura launched her finery collection of engagement and bespoke designs and won Fashion Designer of the year at the Cosmopolitan Women Of The Year Awards.

Speaking of winning trophies, Laura was also a contestant on the 2017 Australian Bachelor reality TV show – where she not only fell madly in love with a man in a navy suit (who was dating 26 other women at the time) she won herself a fiancé and had two babies. Laura is (the slightly more inappropriate) half of Life Uncut, and never shies away from a raw unfiltered conversation, whether it be lifting the lid on the weird stuff your body does during pregnancy to sharing the time her Dad accidentally sent her a nude photo of himself (that was absolutely most definitely not meant for her).