Darryl von Däniken

Managing Partner, BrandAudio Media

Darryl discovered the business of media and its value for brands during his Architectural studies during the 80’s house music explosion, managing underground events and very early on securing participation from FMCG brands, a move which led on to him producing product launches for the likes of Ford, Smirnoff and the Body Shop.
As Head of Strategic Partnerships at tilllate.com in 2001, Darryl offered brands one of the first opportunities to engage with communities using social media, where his involvement in the music business opened the door to the radio industry.
In 2010 Darryl founded the International Radio Festival, the first and only forum to showcase and debate the business and curation of audio content, out of which grew BrandAudio Media in 2020, one of the first full-service audio agencies specializing in branded podcast content supporting clients to get heard in the audio space of their customers – the earphone generation – filling the audio vacuum in their brand marketing and social media mix. Since 2014 Darryl has been producing the SwissRadioDay on behalf of the SRG, VSP and RRR.