Clarissa Pabi

Clarissa Pabi, Senior Content Development Manager at Acast, UK

A formidable creative, commercial, and cultural leader, Clarissa champions change in storytelling. A multi-award-winning Content and Marketing Specialist. Starting her career through Creative Access at Penguin Random House, she pioneered marketing for the first influencer audiobook, resulting in the fastest ever selling audiobook and created the first non-branded podcasts from publishers. From 2017-19, alongside her day job, she was Executive Producer and Brand Manager of ‘Mostly Lit’, which became the UK’s no.1 independent book podcast.

In 2019 Clarissa joined the world’s biggest podcast company as Content Development Manager — one of Acast’s most influential hires. She champions change in podcasting, developing the UK and the world’s most listened to podcasts, and bringing millions more listeners to podcasting.

She has also built partnerships with podcast platforms to promote shows in new ways to reach new audiences — transforming both the podcast creator and the listener demographic for Acast and the wider podcasting industry.

Outside of working at Acast Clarissa is the producer of Caught Off Guard no.1 business and finance podcast aimed at women and sits on the advisory board for Creative Access, a social enterprise dedicated to providing paid internships for young people from under-represented backgrounds