Brittany Hockley

Host, Life Uncut

Brittany Hockley (or hurricane Brittany as her family so ‘fondly’ refer to her) compares her life to that of riding a lollercoaster. She originally won the hearts of the nation with her terrible Dad jokes in 2018 on The Bachelor Australia, and is best known for being the first person to win the Bachelor without actually winning anything. Aka, she was left at the altar. After scooping up her wilting rose and heading straight to the bar, Brittany decided to mend her broken heart and bruised ego by throwing all that pent up energy and life experience into starting Life Uncut. And who better to do that with than fellow Bachelor alumni Laura Byrne; someone that won the Bachelor too! But like, actually won.

Brittany went on to win more hearts on Bachelor in Paradise where yep, you guessed it, she was dumped again (will someone give this girl a break!?). Not just a reality TV junky, Brittany is also a trained actor and has just finished filming her first feature film. When Brittany isn’t being dumped on tv, chasing red flags, dishing out love advice or trying to keep Laura in check, she is a frontline health care worker that has worked in hospitals all around the world as an emergency and theatre radiographer. As a medical professional and an ex Australian champion athlete, health and well-being have always been at the forefront of her passions.