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Working examples of podcast creation

Mags Creative the story of an independent podcast company

Mags Creative at Podcast Day 24

Faith Russell, Co-Founder, Mags Creative, UK

Faith used some of Mags Creative Podcasts to tell the story of their company, an independent podcast company making commissioned shows, branded content and Mags creative originals.

Who they are and what they do was highlighted by ‘I am by Jonny Wilkinson’, which is 

Deep thinking around performance and psychology, the challenge was to position him in the self development space.

Mags creative was started by 2 sisters and business partners, but they play very different roles and have created a team of the most creative and kind people but the mission is to make meaningful audio that connects people

Partners in crime: True crime meets comedy, the challenge was to position the 2 genres to so they make sense.  They made the decision to go really wacky.

Mags Creative was formed in 2018, Faith and Hannah were excited by the podcasting space although they come from different backgrounds.

Life sentence: tells the climate crisis through immersive stories.  This is self funded, and the risk paid off and has been critically acclaimed.  Pre production for the second series is about to begin.

Faith said it looks like it has just happened, but it has been a lot of hard work.  Like working on getting podcasts onto TV and outdoor, Faith gave a lot of examples of getting the podcasts onto TV and advertised in outdoor.

Mags Creative have never had any external backing. It is great to have been welcomed into the industry, they still have the mentality of a startup, founded with passion.

The Good Stuff podcast with Dame Deborah James.  A podcast by children for children - the biggest challenge was recording with 10 year old and a 13 year old remotely.

Another podcast they create is the Way we Are.  Mags Creative can no longer claim to be a start up, the past 4 years has been combining data and gut feeling.  All their podcasts are multi channel, they are looking at global expansion and still tell stories that connect people and Mags Creative care about.

Lily Cole’s Who cares wins podcast is about complex arguments and bring it together..

Written by
Rosie Smith

Tue 4th October 2022