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Roger is Dead but he is still Podcasting

Subscription podcasts and content to attract subscribers

Launching the first Soap Opera Podcast 

Jeanne Longhini, Head of Marketing, Binge Audio, France

Binge Audio subscription podcasts, when they launched wanted to attract current and new listeners by keeping the modern tone and sound design they are known for.

Distribution was a weekly product and not a one off series, and they came up with Le Soapcast.  A mix between a soap opera and podcast with one new episode released 5 times a week and each episode 5 min long.  Many characters and styles so listeners often have one favourite character and whether you join in episode 10 or 46 you can enjoy it and tune in later.

A trailer was played for the launch in June this year about. the story of Roger and his unjust death, after which he leaves his apartment to his tenant.  This was imagined as season 1.  So where is the value and why do you pay for it?

This is the first audio sitcom in France and scenes depict just one character at a time. You have to be a Binge subscriber or through other paid for platform to be able to listen to this content. If you do subscribe then all of the Binge content is available so they don’t need to recreate the funnel each time and gives added value.

In terms of pricing and what listeners get, 3 months after launch Spotify have more listeners, but Apple has the best conversion rate, in 2 years the goal is. 10,000 subscribers. 

A happy end for every but Roger. 


Written by
Rosie Smith

Tue 4th October 2022