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Methodkit Support, Train and Mentor media professionals from around the world

Methodkit is a new tool they think is the essential tool for all podcasters

MethodKit for Podcasts Barbara Gruber, Programme Director, Deutche Welle, Germany, Ola Möller, Founder, MethodKit, Germany

Methodkit is a new tool they think is the essential tool for all podcasters, in this session Barbara and Ola talked about what they have worked on, the process and how it can be used.

Barbara said what they do at Deutche Welle is support, train and mentor media professionals from all over the world, the beauty of podcasting is the low entry to creating - you just need a microphone, recorder and editor.  Ola added that they wanted to create a tool that puts everyone on the same level.  A tool for all podcasters to map a shared language when they talk about podcasts.

Showed promo video on Methodkit.

Since 2021 the podcast training team has developed training and workshops for all over the world.  Working as part of a global network as they asked all the podcasters to brain dump the 60 most important terms when talking about podcasts.  Why 60?  We found topics can be defined in 60 terms.  We received over 1000 podcast terms which we analysed, compared and patterns emerged.  They were then categorised and we had over 50 iterations and went back to podcasters for brainstorming.

The process was about finding structure and commonalities.  Made sure everything was in the final kit.  Language is about being able to see the small details and get the big oicture too, so they chose to visualise it making it clearer for people to collaborate.

The kit is not to provide answers but to forward to discussion.  Most tools are recipe books, but instead they developed a box of ingredients.  It means it is flexible and leaves room for creativity and exploration as everyone’s challenges are different.

It is functional and fun to use with each card having a headline, picture and sub headline.  Some cards will be more relevant than others so there is a way you can sort and prioritise the cards.

Feedback from the podcasting community is instrumental.  It has been released in 13 languages which is a start, but if it isn’t in your language, you need to let them know.

Written by
Rosie Smith

Tue 4th October 2022