Podcast Day 24 around the world in 24 podcast hours...

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It's here Podcast Day 24 - 4th October 2022!

Podcast Day 24 is back with 24 hrs of podcasting content for you!

Podcast Day 24 the unique podcasting event 

Podcast Day 24 is back with podcast content over 3 venues, in 3 cities on 3 continents! 

Joins some of the best speakers from the world of podcasting at 3 locations around the globe. Podcast Day 24 offers you a podcast event in your market plus the chance to watch two full days of podcasting from two other conferences held on the same day but in different locations. 

This year as the world recovers from Covid your Podcast Day 24 ticket gives you access to a live event plus the recorded content from 3 events held worldwide to watch when you want! 

Podcast Day has existed as an in-person event since 2018, with events initially in Copenhagen and then in London. In March 2021, the event supersized whilst at the same time responding to the challenges of the pandemic, and transforming from a single territory, to an event over three continents.

In Sydney, a hybrid event happened, with in-person attendees and many watching at home, meanwhile in Europe and North America we created a live stream bringing 100 speakers together with over 1,000 viewers.

In 2021, a stellar line-up of speakers from iHeartRadio, Spotify, Amazon Music, BBC, New York Times, ABC Australia, Mamamia, Munck Studios, Eurosport, Studio Ochenta, ARN, Podnews, Acast, Edison Research, Xperi, Nova, Triton, Descript and many more... entertained and informed our delegates across the world.

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Written by
Rosie Smith

Wed 29th June 2022