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How do you have a shared audio vision?

Nouvelle Ecoutes works with creative talent and reaches a wide audience

The comedy in audio drama Aurore Mahieu, Music Supervisor, Nouvelles Ecoutes, France

Nouvelle Ecoutes works with creative talent and reaches a wide audience.  Looking to produce programmes that can be translated into other languages to reach a larger audience.

Comedy 1 euro per minute was released in June which was a new departure - fiction and has been well received.  Listened to more than 200,000 times.  About 15-18 minutes and it is an immersive experience.  Although the audio is in French the example played was immersive and atmospheric.  Aurore gave the background of the story.  It was originally a documentary about how a woman made a sex line a family business, but they turned it into a comedy with the scriptwriter.  

The rights were bought to make a tv programme and then they wanted to also make the podcast.  This was great because they had the ideas, but not the skills.  Looking at this subject without any judgement but treating it in a light way.

It took about 18 months of work and then 8 days of recording in a house as Aurore likes to record in real places rather than in the studio so there is more freedom of movement, then edited for 8 weeks alone and 4 more weeks with a sound designer and then more work on sound effects, which was fun!

4 weeks of mixing, which Aurore said always feels too short even though it was 3-4 months of post production.  There was some original musicians as well to create the most original recording they could have.

Aurire said she directs for writers, with a shared vision and the important thing is that the writer is satisfied which is challenging for a director to have a shared audio vision.


Written by
Rosie Smith

Tue 4th October 2022