Podcast Day 24 around the world in 24 podcast hours...

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How to join the Viewing Platform to watch Live & to watch the Catch Up Videos

Step 1...

Click on this link and it will take you to the viewing platform

Link: https://www.involved.events/2.0/login.php?key=dCPdXe

Step 2...

To access the viewing platform you need the name and email address you registered with, if you don't remember any of this information please contact - helpdesk@radiodaysasia.com

Step 3...

If you have a problem who do you contact - helpdesk@radiodaysasia.com

Step 4...

If you can't watch in real-time, watch in your own time or on Catch up, to do this follow steps 1 - 3 anytime!


*   The event is best viewed via a computer using Google Chrome or Firefox browsers.  

*   If you login from different devices you will asked to provide a code which will be sent to your registered email address, please wait for this mail and check SPAM. 

*   Internet Explorer is not supported by the platform.  

*   If watching on mobile you may need to click on a session to access the stream (we recommend watching on a computer)  

*   The livestream is provided by Vimeo and we are not responsible for any local geographic restrictions on live video platforms from your ISP  

*   If the stream is paused, make sure you click the play button


Written by
Rosie Smith

Fri 19th March 2021