North America opening session announced for Podcast Day 24….

North America opening session announced for Podcast Day 24….

It’s here, we’re excited to announce the first session for North America at Podcast Day 24! For those of you watching the whole event this will be your third time zone!

We are going big starting with Conal Byrne, Chief Executive Officer of the iHeartMedia Digital Audio Group along with the team from Pop Chat, Elamin Abdelmahmoud, Host, Hussein Kesvani, Author, Journalist & Producer, and Kathleen Newman-Bremang, Producer, Writer & Senior Editor. We then have Erik Diehn, ex CEO Stitcher, Bryan Barletta, Founder, Sound Profitable and Timothy Sawa, Host & Producer, Evil by Design, CBC, Canada. Also announced as speakers further along the programme are NPR’s Tamar Charney, the Senior Director of Collaborative Journalism and Neal Carruth, the Senior Director of On-Demand News.

So many more fantastic speakers to announce for this the final leg of Podcast Day 24! Keep watching while we bring you the world of Podcasting and don’t forget to register today! 

Announcing speakers for North America…

Conal Byrne is the Chief Executive Officer of the iHeartMedia Digital Audio Group, which includes the company’s fast-growing and high-profile podcasting business and #1 podcast publisher globally according to Podtrac, as well as the industry-leading iHeartRadio digital service; the company’s digital sites, services, newsletters and programs; and its digital advertising technology companies, including Jelli, RadioJar, Unified, Voxnest and the recently-announced Triton Digital acquisition, upon its completion.

Prior to joining iHeartMedia, Byrne was President and CEO of Stuff Media, Inc., home of the incredibly popular HowStuffWorks (HSW), which pioneered the podcast space with leading shows including “Stuff You Missed in History Class” and “Stuff You Should Know.”  Byrne joined iHeartMedia when the company acquired Stuff Media in October 2018.  Prior to Stuff Media, Byrne served as Senior Vice President of Digital Media for Discovery Communications, where he ran digital for all of Discovery’s U.S. networks’ sites and social platforms and led the launch of Discovery VR.

Bryan Barletta is the Founder of Sounds Profitable, a weekly podcast advertising technology newsletter from the Podnews Network. Bryan’s goal with Sounds Profitable is to put his 12 years of Sales Engineer and Product Manager to work by detailing how anyone willing to learn can easily become a podcast advertising technology expert.

See Conal Byrne and Bryan Barletta and many others at Podcast Day 24! Register today…

Podcast Day 24 EUROPE

The Line Up for Europe looks like this…

Podcast Day 24 has already attracted some top speakers to the line up including

  • Tolani ShoneyeAudrey Indome, and Milena Sanchez – also known as The Receipts
  • Happy Place star and creator, Fearne CottonHolly Bott, Managing Director of Entertainment at YMU Group
  • Knud Brix is Denmark’s number one podcaster as the host of Genstart (Restart)
  • Norbert Grundig, Head of Audio Strategy, NDR, Germany talking about NDR’s no.1 Corona Podcast
  • RedHanded & Bear Radio podcasts
  • James Cator, Spotify
  • BBC Five Live’s Dan Maudsely, the producer of British Podcast Awards gold-winner Paradise
  • Rasmus Kidde, DR, Denmark with “Know your Podcast Listner”
  • NKR’s Petter Sommer, Head of Podcasts, NKR, Norway

And many more…with a few special surprises to come, remember to Register Today to watch 3 days of content in 24 hours! See the full programme here

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