Big partner announcement: Podcast Movement, Big speaker: Tony Phillips, Big session info: Indie Spotlight, Fireside Chats, Masterclasses, Podcast Day 24 Women

Big partner announcement: Podcast Movement, Big speaker: Tony Phillips, Big session info: Indie Spotlight, Fireside Chats, Masterclasses, Podcast Day 24 Women

Podcast Day 24 is excited to announce a NEW Partner, Podcast Movement!  With these exciting times in Podcasting Podcast Movement is joining with Podcast Day 24 to promote an industry that we are all incredibly proud of. Podcast Movement is the world’s largest podcaster community while Podcast Day 24 brings together speakers and podcasters from the podcast industry worldwide. The synergies of these two events and the love of podcasting in both teams is why we are joining hands and bringing together our two worlds! 

Dan Franks, President of Podcast Movement said: “We’ve admired from afar what the teams behind Radiodays and the British Podcast Awards have been doing, so we are extremely excited to have the opportunity to work together in 2021. Podcasting is a medium that transcends geographical boundaries, and Podcast Day 24 is a perfect testament to that!”

Matt Deegan from the British Podcast Awards says: “Podcasters all around the world face similar opportunities and challenges, with Podcast Day 24 we’re finding speakers and sessions that can inspire everyone involved in the sector. Podcast Movement have created an amazing series of events, we’re excited to have their support and involvement in Podcast Day 24”.

Peter Niegel, Radiodays Europe, Radiodays Asia and Podcast Day 24 said “There is something really happening in the podcast world right now and we, along with Podcast Movement are here to ensure that we are supporting the industry. Our shared goals mean this is a fantastic partnership giving podcasters around the world the opportunity to learn, connect and network throughout 2021, no matter where they are in the world and throughout the ongoing pandemic”. 

Podcast Day 24 has already attracted some top speakers to the line up including Tolani ShoneyeAudrey Indome, and Milena Sanchez – also known as The ReceiptsHappy Place star and creator, Fearne CottonHolly Bott, Managing Director of Entertainment at YMU Group, NPR’s Tamar Charney, the Senior Director of Collaborative Journalism and Neal Carruth, the Senior Director of On-Demand News, Knud Brix is Denmark’s number one podcaster as the host of Genstart (Restart), RedHanded & Bear Radio podcasts plus James Cator, Spotify and Hussein Kesvani, speakers from the podcasts BrainwashedPop Chat and Evil by Design. Along with speakers from the American market Erik Diehn and Tom Webster, Edison Research and BBC Five Live’s Dan Maudsely, the producer of British Podcast Awards gold-winner Paradise

Big Speakers announced – Tony Phillips

Tony Phillips is all about “Telling stories faithfully – where we go next?” in what promises to be a great session at Podcast Day 24. Tony Phillips’ audio career has taken him from producing and commissioning at BBC Radio, to Vice President at WNYC Studios, New York and to Broccoli Content in the UK. Tony, currently an editorial consultant and PhD candidate at UEA, Norwich, will reflect on lessons from the past and how they might offer direction and clarity for the future of audio.

There’s something for everyone at Podcast Day 24…

Fireside Chats 

Small and intimate bringing you a the ‘real’ story! Join some of the Fireside Chats at Podcast Day 24 in these sessions. 

Indie Spotlight 

Putting a spotlight on young talent from diverse backgrounds, watch the Spotlight sessions to see the stars of tomorrow interview the stars of today! 


Become a Master – not in a Jedi way but in a Podcast way, we have a Masterclass for you whether you have been around the block or have just taken the stabilisers off our Masterclasses can help. 

PD24 Women’s session (open to all)

Building on the Radiodays Europe Women events we are now bringing together Podcast Day 24 – Women. Open to all but focusing on the uniqueness of women in podcasting. 


Join companies and organisations within the podcast world showing their new products, giving training on current products and services or promoting some of the work they do within the industry. Successful, interesting and informative this is a different type of session at Podcast Day 24 but not to be missed. 


Meet up, networking, interact. We are offering a variety of networking options to help you join and be part of our community. Register today to find out more….

Podcast Day 24 tickets are priced at £99 +VAT Get your ticket today! 

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