Podcast Day 24 Canada & North America – Pop Chat, Evil by Design, a plus Erik Diehn & Tom Webster new sessions!

Podcast Day 24 Canada & North America – Pop Chat, Evil by Design, a plus Erik Diehn & Tom Webster new sessions!

This week we are pleased to announce speakers and sessions coming to Podcast Day 24 from the thriving Canadian podcast market – Brainwashed, Pop Chat and Evil by Design. Along with speakers from the American market Erik Diehn and Tom Webster, Edison Research.

Pop chat are coming to Podcast Day 24. Every week, host Elamin Abdelmahmoud invites listeners into his group chat to help make sense of the cultural drama blowing up the internet. Bringing their hottest takes AND lots of laughs to the table, Elamin will be joined by Kathleen Newman-Bremang and Hussein Kesvani (who holds dual nationality UK/Canada :), at Podcast Day 24 in a live event to debate, discuss and work through the pop culture discourse.  Listen to weekly episodes here.

Brainwashed is a multi-part investigation into the CIA’s experiments in mind control – from the Cold War and MK-ULTRA to the so-called War on Terror. Join Host/Reporter Michelle Shephard in conversation with Dr. Harvey Weinstein to talk about how the legacy of MK-ULTRA continues today.

Evil by Design….More than 80 women from around the world have accused the fast-fashion mogul Peter Nygard of rape, sexual assault and human trafficking in incidents across four decades and at least four countries. He denies it all, and claims his accusers are lying as part of a vast conspiracy. The Winnipegger had built a sprawling international retail empire over the past 50 years — but now, Nygard’s professional achievements are being overshadowed by a sinister personal life, earning him the moniker, ‘Canada’s Jeffrey Epstein’.

Host Timothy Sawa has been an investigative journalist at the CBC for more than two decades. For almost half that time, he’s been part of a team investigating Peter Nygard and defending his journalism in court. Now, he helms a new podcast that asks the key questions: Who are the women and men who have stepped forward? Which systems failed them? And how did Nygard get away with it for so long?

Erik Diehn, has over 20 years of experience building and growing companies in media, entertainment and consumer products. He most recently served as CEO of podcasting leader and pioneer Stitcher, taking the company from its startup phase to a 140-person operation generating over $80 million per year in revenue and serving 35 million consumers around the world. He guided the company to a successful sale to SiriusXM for $325 million in late 2020.

Tom Webster is Vice President of Strategy and Marketing for Edison Research, a custom market research company best known as the sole providers of exit polling data during US elections for all the major news networks. He has over 20 years of experience researching consumer usage of technology, new media, and social networking, and is a frequent keynote speaker on consumer behaviour and data.

Podcast Day 24 tickets are priced at £99 +VAT, but are available at the reduced price of £75 +VAT until the end of March at podcastday24.com. Get your ticket today! 

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